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Monomoy Pt., channel 0.2 mi west of, Nantucket Sound — Currents

Location: 41.5500, -70.0217
Friday, October 15, 2021
Max Flood (1.52 knots) 3:24 am
Slack, Ebb Begins 6:10 am
Max Ebb (-1.70 knots) 8:22 am
Slack, Flood Begins 11:50 am
Max Flood (1.30 knots) 4:02 pm
Slack, Ebb Begins 6:29 pm
Max Ebb (-1.76 knots) 8:44 pm
Saturday, October 16, 2021
Slack, Flood Begins 12:09 am
Max Flood (1.61 knots) 4:33 am
Slack, Ebb Begins 7:14 am
Max Ebb (-1.82 knots) 9:33 am
Slack, Flood Begins 12:57 pm
Max Flood (1.43 knots) 5:05 pm
Slack, Ebb Begins 7:33 pm
Max Ebb (-1.88 knots) 9:53 pm
Sunday, October 17, 2021
Slack, Flood Begins 1:14 am
Max Flood (1.70 knots) 5:32 am
Slack, Ebb Begins 8:11 am
Max Ebb (-1.97 knots) 10:33 am
Slack, Flood Begins 1:54 pm
Max Flood (1.56 knots) 6:01 pm
Slack, Ebb Begins 8:30 pm
Max Ebb (-2.02 knots) 10:51 pm
Monday, October 18, 2021
Slack, Flood Begins 2:10 am
Max Flood (1.76 knots) 6:24 am
Slack, Ebb Begins 9:02 am
Max Ebb (-2.09 knots) 11:23 am
Slack, Flood Begins 2:43 pm
Max Flood (1.66 knots) 6:49 pm
Slack, Ebb Begins 9:20 pm
Max Ebb (-2.10 knots) 11:40 pm
Tuesday, October 19, 2021
Slack, Flood Begins 3:00 am
Max Flood (1.77 knots) 7:11 am
Slack, Ebb Begins 9:47 am
Max Ebb (-2.14 knots) 12:05 pm
Slack, Flood Begins 3:26 pm
Max Flood (1.71 knots) 7:33 pm
Slack, Ebb Begins 10:06 pm
Wednesday, October 20, 2021
Max Ebb (-2.13 knots) 12:23 am
Slack, Flood Begins 3:44 am
Max Flood (1.73 knots) 7:53 am
Slack, Ebb Begins 10:27 am
Max Ebb (-2.14 knots) 12:42 pm
Slack, Flood Begins 4:05 pm
Max Flood (1.71 knots) 8:13 pm
Slack, Ebb Begins 10:48 pm
Thursday, October 21, 2021
Max Ebb (-2.10 knots) 1:00 am
Slack, Flood Begins 4:24 am
Max Flood (1.65 knots) 8:31 am
Slack, Ebb Begins 11:05 am
Max Ebb (-2.11 knots) 1:15 pm
Slack, Flood Begins 4:41 pm
Max Flood (1.67 knots) 8:50 pm
Slack, Ebb Begins 11:29 pm

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